Life insurance and Tax

There are many people that do not realise that if they inherit a life insurance pay out then they may have to pay inheritance tax on it. They may just assume that they will get a pay out that will cover debt and other expenses and do not think about … [Continue reading]

A Gentle Reminder To Invest Your Tax Refund Wisely

A sudden influx of cash ahs the tendency to get us giddy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily be gleeful about it. The truth is that your tax refund is money that was yours all along. It was given to a government for their purposes, … [Continue reading]

Major Corporations Corruptly Minimizing their Tax Obligations

While tax costs are significantly high in the United Kingdom, we all have to pay our taxes, whether we like it or not. Furthermore, even though it is the individuals and businesses which earn the most that form the makeup of the highest tax brackets, … [Continue reading]

Why do ISA’s help with your tax

If you pay tax, then you will probably not be happy about it! Most people pay tax on money they earn and money they spend on certain things and that can feel really bad. People ate having to give away their money to the government. Obviously taxes … [Continue reading]

Equipment Costs: IT Contractors

IT contractors require a huge amount of equipment in order to complete their job successfully. If you do not have the right equipment, you might find that you’re unable to take on jobs, which could mean prospective clients go to your competitors … [Continue reading]

Fast One Hour Loans For Virtually Everyone

Trying to get out of a tough financial situation is a matter of looking at the quickest financial route out of it. For some, this will be family and friends. For others, it will be a matter of cash loans processed by lenders that understand one … [Continue reading]

Use Your PPI Refund to Look for a New Place to Live!

Are you trying to look for a new place to live? You already know that you’re going to need more money in order to really find a place that you want to live. While it's true that everyone should live within or even below their means, there is … [Continue reading]

Use a Guarantor Loan to Escape the Payday Trap

People all over the UK who have taken out a payday loan through a short-term lender are now stuck in a spiral of debt caused by the high interest rates charged by payday loan providers. What is the Payday Trap? The payday loan trap is a … [Continue reading]

Your First UK Tax Return, Deconstructed

It's almost time to handle your taxes, and if you end up waiting till the last minute you could face some severe penalties. Handling UK taxes doesn’t have to be impossible, but since there aren't a lot of guides on the matter, we figured that we … [Continue reading]

Tax free ideas

If you want to reduce the amount of tax you pay why not follow some of the ideas outlined below. ISAs An ISA is an Investment Savings Account, and each year you are allowed to invest in either a Cash ISA or a Stocks and Shares ISA. The annual … [Continue reading]